Good News At Last

The Streamlined Procedure is an IRS amnesty program that allows expats who are non-willfully behind with their US tax filing to catch up without facing any penalties. Don’t delay though, as the program may not be available indefinitely.

The Streamlined Procedure Is An Excellent Opportunity

Under the Streamlined Procedure rules, expats must file the last three years of federal tax returns, and the last six Foreign Bank Account Reports (as applicable). Find out more here.

What To Do If You’ve Never Filed US Taxes

expat never filed taxes

All Americans who earn over $10,000 (or just $400 of self-employment income) have to file a US tax return every year, wherever in the world they live or earn. Many Americans living abroad aren’t aware of this though, so they aren’t up to date with their tax filing. Thankfully, for American expats who haven’t filed […]

The Streamlined Procedure Celebrates Its First Birthday

streamlined procedure birthday

Until around a year ago, many honest, law-abiding US expats felt a real disincentive to file their historic tax returns as a result of pending and serious IRS penalties. Another large group of expats believed that as they didn’t owe taxes in the US, having paid higher tax rates abroad, they didn’t have to file […]