What is an FBAR?

FBAR stands for ‘Foreign Bank Account Report’, a reporting requirement for Americans who have a total of over $10,000 in foreign financial accounts at any time during a year.


Foreign financial accounts include most kinds of bank and investment accounts. Americans who meet the $10,000 in foreign accounts threshold have to report their accounts by filing FinCEN Form 114 online.

The IRS, US Expat Taxes, and Bitcoin – What You Need to Know

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Bitcoin (along with other crypto and virtual currencies) has been in the news over the last few weeks, thanks to its soaring value. Many expats were early adopters and investers in Bitcoin, recognizing its international nature and its convenience for cross-boarder payment transaction. With the recent media attention though, many expats are now seeking a […]

What US Expats can Learn From the Paul Manafort Indictment

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President Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort, along with his associate Richard Gates, were indicted this week, with a long list of criminal charges filed against them. The charges include engaging in conspiracies against the United States and to launder money, making false statements, acting as an unregistered foreign agent, and failing to report foreign bank […]

FBAR Instructions for US Expats Filing FinCEN Form 114

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Americans living abroad are still required to file a US tax return, and furthermore, they may have to report their foreign bank and investment accounts by filing a Foreign Bank Account Report, or FBAR. Due to the 2010 Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), most foreign banks and other financial firms are now reporting their […]

What Sort of Accounts Do US Expats Have to Report in an FBAR?

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The US tax system is different to every other developed country’s, in that America taxes based on citizenship rather than on residence. That means that whereas most countries only tax residents (and non-residents who have income arising in the country), the US taxes all US citizens wherever in the world they live. This means that […]

Foreign Bank Account FBAR Reporting for US Expats

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All American citizens (including anyone with the right to American citizenship) and green card holders are required to file a US tax return every year and declare their worldwide income, wherever in the world they live. This reporting obligation includes expats, who furthermore may also have to report their foreign bank accounts. Who has to […]

FBAR Filing For US Expats Made Simple

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FBAR is an acronym for Foreign Bank Account Report. FBARS are one of the extra filing requirements many US expats face each year. But what exactly are they, who has to file them, and what does filing an FBAR involve? A bit of history Designed to help prevent money laundering, the 1970 Bank Secrecy Act […]

US Expat FBAR Foreign Bank Reporting Requirements and Willfulness

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Because the US taxes based on citizenship rather then residence, just like Americans living stateside, expatriates are still required to file a US tax return if they earn over around $10,000, or just $400 of self-employment income. Similarly, they must declare and pay US taxes on their worldwide income, although there are several exclusions that […]

FBAR FinCEN Form 114 – Everything US Expats Need to Know

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What is FinCEN form 114? The 1970 Bank Secrecy Act requires all Americans, including US expats, to report their foreign financial accounts if the total combined value of their balances is more than $10,000 at any time during a year. The reporting requirement is known as a Foreign Bank Account Report, or FBAR. For many […]